writing a poem with six words

I’m going to attempt to write a poem using only six different words… yeah you read that right. I looked up some of the most common words found in poetry and I’m going to use six of those to write my own poem. I can only use those six words plus extra connecting words such as “the” or “of” and two randomly chosen verbs. The six words I chose are “time”, “love”, “day”, “night”, “world”, and “light”. The verbs that were chosen for me were “alert” and “fill”.

light alerts the world

the day fills me up

the time of love


night fills the sky

the world is lost

love is lost

Hopefully you enjoyed that little challenge, it was definitely fun to do! The only “cheat” I did was adding in the word “lost”, because I felt like I didn’t have any descriptive words. This challenge will be something I will definitely try again, and I’ll see you all soon for another post!


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