London Checklist: How I Create Itineraries for Trips

Hello again everyone! Today’s post is going to be a look into how I plan for trips, more specifically the planning for my family’s trip to London in December. I’m going to focus on how I make trip itineraries today, and then there will be posts in the future about packing for trips and airport tips!

If this post looks a little familiar, it’s because I originally posted this on November 2nd. For some reason I just didn’t love it, so I deleted it. Rereading it today I realized that even though I don’t “love” this post, it’s a good representation of the way that I plan and organize, and is something I want to share. I’m trying to be less fixated on making my posts “perfect” and just enjoy what I’m writing. Anyways, back to the planning!

To start off, I created a Google Doc that I shared with my family. We created a master list of places we wanted to go, regardless of hours, pricing, and availability.

Once we had our list complete, I organized every activity into categories, from museums to castles and shopping areas.

I then created a list of places that were next to each other so we could start making individual itineraries for each day. This allowed us to easily see which activities were within walking or driving distance of each other, and gave us a sense of what would be good pairings.

After this, I created a section at the top of the Google Doc with basic trip information, such as flight departure and arrival times, the dates of our trip, and our hotel information. This allows us to easily look back at and keep track of any important trip details. I also broke down each day into whether it was a full day, half day, or a travel day where we wouldn’t be able to do much of anything.

It was finally time to break down everything into the specific days. I divided the Google Doc into headers with each day of our trip, from Saturday 12/21 to Saturday 12/28. We then picked which activities we wanted to do on each day, referring to our categories and list of places that were near each other.

If there was an event where we needed to make an appointment, we marked it with a bright highlighter so it stood out, as well as if had an opening in a day.

I also added a bonus section to each day with extra activities to do if we finish early and end up having more time than expected.

Once this was all done, I printed out the final itinerary to have a copy of for the trip. Since this was done on a Google Doc, it’s super easy to go back and add or remove things if the schedule changes.

Hopefully this post gave you some insight and tips on how I make trip itineraries. I’ll see you all soon for another post!


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