Beauty in Beijing: The Summer Palace

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post, I’m continuing my travel diary series from my trip to Beijing, China. We’re going to be focusing on one of my favorite places we went to, the Summer Palace.

The Summer Palace in Beijing is the largest and best preserved royal park in China, created during the Qing Dynasty. It spans 2.9 square kilometers, with 3/4 of this area being water.

The day we chose to go was perfect: it was sunny, but not too hot, and it was windy enough to create a nice breeze but not blow you away.

While waiting in line to get in we got handed our tickets, which were too aesthetically pleasing for me to not take a picture of.

When we walked in, I was astounded by the view. The architecture in China is so unique, and it was unlike something I had ever seen before. Even though it was crowded, I felt like I was the only person in the entire garden.

We walked past numerous artifacts and statues to the main green garden areas. It was magical, and I felt like I was in my own little secret garden.

Most of the big groups that were touring the palace had an object that they waved so their group could see where the leader was. It was so interesting to see all of the ribbons waving in the air throughout the garden.

All of the details in the archways were incredible. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort went into creating them. Everywhere I looked, there was a different illustration or carving in the walls.

I also loved these painted windows that displayed the water behind them. Each window had a different flower or plant painted on them and were different shapes, and I loved how cohesive yet unique they each were.

The walk to the water was amazing, but the actual water was breathtaking. This was by far my favorite part of the trip to summer palace, as well as my favorite part of my trip to Beijing. I wanted to stay and listen to the waves and the wind forever.

The last place we went in the palace was to the Jade Belt Bridge. The curve of the bridge is so unique and beautiful, and the nature surrounding the water was so serene.

If I could, I would have stayed at the Summer Palace all day. I absolutely loved it, and I hope to go back sometime soon in the future.

This concludes the second part of my Beijing travel diaries series, I hope you enjoyed it. More parts as well as more photography and lifestyle content are coming, see you all soon!


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