Study With Me: How I Take Notes

Hey everyone! For today’s post I’m going to show you how I take organized, neat notes that are quick and easy to do while you’re in class or in a rush.

Most people close to me know I’m kind of a neat freak, and that I’m obsessed with stationery and office supplies. Therefore when I need to take notes on something, I make it as neat and as organized as possible.


I try to keep the amount of supplies I use in my notes for school pretty sparse, so I don’t take up time switching between writing utensils or other stationery.

These dual pens are my absolute favorite to use for highlighting important items, writing titles, and adding a pop of color to my otherwise pretty plain notes. My favorite pack is the pastel pack as it is light enough that a plain pencil shows over the top of all of the colors easily. The lilac pen, or shade 620, is my favorite out of all of the colors I have.

I like to have the option of a felt tip pen with more color than my pastel Tombows for any titles or other important items in my notes. I don’t always use these, but if I have more time I like to add accents with them.

  • Notebook or sheets of notebook paper

Because I’m left handed, most notebooks are really difficult for me to use. I usually write notes on normal notebook paper and put them into a binder or folder afterwards. However, I found that these notebooks open completely flat and aren’t spiral bound. These are perfect for left handed people or those who don’t prefer spiral notebooks! The only problem with them is if you open the notebook too flat, sometimes the pages start to rip out. If this happens to me, I use a bit of tape to secure the pages.

The Process

Before the lecture in class starts or I load the presentation I’m taking notes on, I get out my pencil, one Tombow color to use for accents and subject highlights, and a papermate that compliments this color.

I make my title stick out from the page so I can easily know where the lessons start and stop, as my notes are usually more than one page long. Every time there is a new subject or topic within the lesson, I highlight it so it is separated into its own individual section.

To make it easier to differentiate between the lessons, I write the unit number and page number of that unit in the top right hand corner of every page.

If I have more time to take notes, like when I’m at home and am copying off of a PowerPoint, I like to make my notes a little more in depth. The example below are some notes on BSL lab safety guidelines from my medial microbiology class.

Whenever I’m taking notes on a subject I need more help with, I tend to make the notes more detailed. It takes more time, but it helps me to understand the material better in the long run.

To be able to this in a short amount of time, I keep my notes pretty simple when I’m in class. The only times I use a different color are to accentuate a switch in topic or subject. Otherwise, I just write down the notes as the teacher is speaking or as I’m reading the PowerPoint. This allows my notes to be neat and organized while also being quick to make.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and found it a bit helpful for your future note taking needs. See you all soon for another post!


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