Bullet Journal: November Set Up + First Impressions

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my November lay out and theme for my bullet journal and what’s been working for me in the last days of October. I’ve tried to keep up with a bullet journal two or three times before, and I have never stuck with it. This time, I think I finally found a balance that will work and hopefully be sustainable for me.

I’m currently using a plain Moleskine journal for this month until the Archer and Olive blackout journal I ordered comes in. I’m really excited to try out the all black pages, and see what I can do with them. I am also super happy to get the new journal because it has thick bleed-proof pages, as in my current journal the ink is bleeding through all of the pages. A blog post will definitely be coming soon once that journal arrives.

I decided put a pumpkin stencil on the front of my journal to give it a bit of decoration. Since it is November, my bullet journal theme is very autumnal and pumpkin based.

The first page in my journal is the key. I created this key so I am able to have a labelling system for all of my tasks and to-dos. I kept it pretty simple, with labels for main tasks, sub tasks, completed tasks, cancelled tasks, and tasks that are in progress. If you’re creating a bullet journal, make a key with icons and labels that work for your lifestyle and that are easy for you to remember and use!

The next pages are my November cover pages and a quote page. I kept both pages quite simple as well, as I wanted to focus more on the weekly and monthly planning than the decorations as I first started journaling. This way, there wasn’t as much pressure on myself to make my journal “perfect”.

The scale on the bottom of the key page is the scale I used for my daily trackers, which you will see in a little bit. It’s a really simple way to track your ability, motivation, energy, or anything else you want to monitor!

I then created my monthly overview and goals page, with the November calendar and a space at the bottom for any goals I wanted to do this month.

On the page next to my calendar, I created a habit tracker. This month, I wanted to be more active on my blog, stretch or workout more, and use my bullet journal. I drew mini calendars for each of these items that I can highlight each day I do the thing.

Next, I planned out my weekly spread. I wanted to keep it simple again, so I used a leaf stencil to write the day of the week. The leaf also served as a divider between my daily to-do list and my daily tracker, where I write down my energy, motivation, and ability in the morning, at lunch, at dinner, and before bed. I also made a space to list three accomplishments each day, which will be nice to reflect upon at the end of the week, month, or year.

The “e” on my daily tracker represents energy, specifically how energetic I am feeling at each time. The “m” on the tracker represents motivation, and the “a” represents my ability to do the things I am motivated to do.

I think I’m going to keep the split between the daily to-do list and the trackers, but I would like to decrease the size of my daily tracker for the next weeks. Since I only have to track three things, I don’t need as much space as I gave myself.

The last page I set up in my journal was a places to visit page. I had a big list of places to check out and visit in my mind that I was afraid I was going to forget, so I wrote them all down. As you can see below, they range from relatively normal things like Enchanted Rock to more obscure activities like axe throwing.

That’s everything in my November bullet journal so far! I hope you enjoyed this post, as it is a bit different than my usual content. I plan on posting semi-weekly updates of my bullet journal, as well as monthly set ups. If you’re interested I can also make a timelapse or a video of me actually setting up my journal, let me know!

See you all soon for another post!


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