Fantasies at the FOMO Factory

In our social media-filled generation, more and more places dedicated to getting those perfect photos are emerging. In today’s post, we’re going to look at the FOMO Factory, and what makes places like it so appealing. All of today’s photos were taken on an iPhone 8+.

As usual, this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the FOMO Factory in any way, I’m just sharing my honest opinions and experiences!

The FOMO Factory is an “interactive pop up shop” that has 17 different themed rooms for all of your photography needs. The FOMO Factory is currently in Houston, Texas at the Houston Galleria until the end of this year. Adult admission is $28.00, children 3-12 are $21.00, group admission is $23.00, and children under three years old are free to enter. The factory also offers VIP admission for $150.00, which includes a personal photographer, valet parking, an express entrance to the factory, and “FOMO swag”.

I visited the FOMO Factory in December of last year while it was in Austin, Texas. When we arrived, we got to pick a fun nickname for our nametags that we wore during our visit. The exhibitions of sorts started right when we walked in the door with a rainbow staircase leading the way into the first room.

In the first room, the walls were lined with different color cupcakes and cakes, all placed on plates with little forks. There was also an area with rainbow streamers and more balloons than you could imagine, which my favorite photography assistant (my mother) and I had a lot of fun throwing around.

The final thing in this room was a giant birthday cake on a wall lined with present boxes. It was SUPER cute, but there were a lot of people here when we first came in so we had to circle back.

The next room we went into was school themed, with rainbow lockers and a bunch of school supplies all over the walls. There was a little desk with some fake school books in the room as well for those perfect study shots. In one corner, there were even giant paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling!

On our way to the next big room, we noticed a bathroom of sorts with a ton of clear balls as bubbles. There was an adorable duck shower curtain and the cutest pink mirror by the sink. I had the most fun trying to avoid all of the “bubbles” my mother and friend were throwing at me, and I got some great pictures out of it!

The next room we went into was lined with silver streamers and had a big moon in the center with a disco ball on the ceiling. It created such a fun effect in photos and I had a great time running around the moon.

We toured the last few rooms inside, and then headed to the outside area. There was a lovely little tiki bar to take pictures in, as well as walls filled up with rainbow cassettes and other paintings. Next, we headed down the confetti-filled stairs into the garden area that was equipped with a rose-covered swing set, a see-saw, and scooters!

The last area we went into was the basement area. There was a ball pit with an inflatable flamingo floatie, a ladder up into a little indoor treehouse, and a juice bar. They also had free snacks, the frosted animal crackers being the best.

We took our final few photos and then decided to head out. The exit door was filled with nametags from past guests, so we stuck ours on the door and left.

In the end, we spent about an hour in the FOMO Factory and I ended up with about 700 pictures. It was a great experience, and to me it was definitely worth the price. I am starting to see the appeal to places like these, and I’m excited to try out more!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and make sure to be on the look out for more posts coming soon. A new travel diary will be up shortly as well as some more new content, see you guys soon!


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