Clear Skies in China: The Great Wall

In May of this year, I got the amazing opportunity to travel to Beijing, China with my color guard. We spent eight days exploring Beijing and seeing all of the tourist sites, along with practicing for our exhibition performance at WGI China.

Since I did so much and went to so many places on this trip, I’m going to split this travel diary up into multiple posts. Today’s post is focusing on a place we went to on one of the final days of the trip: the Great Wall of China.

We went to the Mutianyu Great Wall specifically, because it was less crowded during the time we had planned to go and gave us the best chance at seeing everything the wall had to offer.

It was a magnificent day, with clear skies and a temperature perfect for walking outside. The day started with the short hike up to the base level of stairs to access the wall. Since we were on a pretty strict schedule, our group opted to take the gondola lift up to the wall. To be honest, I was pretty scared at first, but once I had a chance to look around there wasn’t any way I could possibly be afraid.

We finally reached the wall, and at this point had about an hour left to explore. It was even more breathtaking than I had imagined, which I didn’t think was possible.

We stumbled across a structure where previous visitors had signed their names on the walls, and I knew I just had to as well. Now I’ll be able to remember my visit forever, and others who come in the future will know I’ve been there!

The last thing I had to do before leaving was something quite unorthodox. I wanted to zigzag down the wall, and I made sure I did just that.

Overall I absolutely loved visiting the Mutianyu Great Wall, and it was one of my favorite moments of my whole Beijing trip. Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and be on the look out for more Beijing travel diaries soon!


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