Getting the “perfect” Background: Less is Floor

Finding a good background for taking photos can be difficult, especially when you don’t always have someone to take the pictures for you. Today’s photos were taken on Portrait mode using the iPhone 11 Pro Max, in quite the unconventional method.

I wanted to show off the makeup I had put on more than my entire outfit, so I decided to do a face portrait. I couldn’t get the shot I wanted to while standing up, so I laid down on my balcony. What was just an excuse to lay on the floor ended up resulting in some of my favorite pictures of myself I’ve taken thus far.

If you’re ever feeling stuck when it comes to photo ideas, try getting in a different position, whether it’s sitting, standing, laying down, or something else entirely, and see what amazing things you end up with. Sometimes, less is floor (let’s pretend that was a good pun).


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