study with me

Study With Me: How I Take Notes

Hey everyone! For today’s post I’m going to show you how I take organized, neat notes that are quick and easy to do while you’re in class or in a rush. Most people close to me know I’m kind of a neat freak, and that I’m obsessed with stationery and office supplies. Therefore when I […]

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travel diaries

Summer in the Sand: Port Aransas Mini Travel Diary

This year for the Fourth of July, my family and I spent a weekend at the beach in Port Aransas. We rented out the most amazing townhouse: it had three stories and a rooftop deck, along with an elevator in the house. How crazy is that?! All of today’s pictures were taken on an iPhone […]

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Fantasies at the FOMO Factory

In our social media-filled generation, more and more places dedicated to getting those perfect photos are emerging. In today’s post, we’re going to look at the FOMO Factory, and what makes places like it so appealing. All of today’s photos were taken on an iPhone 8+. As usual, this post is not sponsored or endorsed […]

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behind the camera

Behind the Camera: Who’s Behind the Screen

So, who’s behind the screen? Well as you could probably guess by the title of the site, my name is Zoe. I love photography, drawing, painting, and anything relating to animals, especially horses. I’m also interested in graphic design and animation, both in school and outside of school. I’m also passionate about writing, and it’s […]

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friday favorites

Raving About ROMWE: Friday Favorites

When shopping for clothes, it’s hard to find quality clothes for a cheap price. There are numerous online retailers that offer clothes starting as low as $1, but how can you know if the products are actually made well? In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of these retailers: ROMWE. (Disclaimer: This […]

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beijing, travel diaries

Clear Skies in China: The Great Wall

In May of this year, I got the amazing opportunity to travel to Beijing, China with my color guard. We spent eight days exploring Beijing and seeing all of the tourist sites, along with practicing for our exhibition performance at WGI China. Since I did so much and went to so many places on this […]

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